May 26, 2009

Off topic

I needed a bit of a lift today, having had a hard day at work so I took myself off to the local drugstore for a quick retail break, where I know they carry NYX cosmetics (and for the most part only shadows) and I treated myself to a handful. I showed my purchases to a colleague who often exclaims that my makeup is amazing and she was suitably impressed, and I got even more excited to play with the colours! I ended up with six shadows: Africa - a vivid orange with shimmer/glitter, Burgundy Pearl - a maroony sort of purpley with shimmer, Asphalt - a rather rich golden colour not at all asphalty, Fahrenheit - a sumptuous copper, Kiwi - the exact green of the fruit's flesh, and Lime Juice - again, aptly named lime-green, almost electric lime colour! I will have to shoot these all to share (or attempt, thereof) the beauteousness. I'm just hoping that these all pop on my skin as much as they do in the pans!

On top of that, my 'haul' of China Glaze polish came in - seventeen bottles' worth! I was on the moon! Being as my hands are 'artist hands' and not at all in the state for showing off these polishes, I'll have to shoot the bottles at the very least for you. I only wear polish on my toes, and I'm just not that flexible to do and redo that many pedicures to show off!
I guess being a bit of a magpie, I'm attracted to all the shiny and all the colour. I must adorn myself with it along with my JOOLZ! Yup, had to get back to my raison d'etre, after all! And of course, I'm bad - I have a few pairs of earrings to alter for a colleague and just ran out of energy this evening...alas! I'm hoping that this week won't kick my butt so much (work is soooo busy!) so that I'll be able to actually get those sorted and have some playtime. Goodness knows I have far too many ideas to work on than time within which to work.

May 16, 2009

pearls and Swars

The one thing about wearing my JOOLZ to work is that it becomes a showcase and advertisement. It's gotten me a couple of commissions, a lot of compliments and a decent amount of repeat business. I had one of the girls I work with bring in a whole slew of broken things and things which she wanted toggles put onto and a couple of redesigns, so I set to that last weekend. When I brought in the bounty on Monday, she was ecstatic and loved everything! The hit of the whole affair was a set of 'evening JOOLZ she'd suggested a design for, and I created for her and I was so impressed with how elegant they looked when I was done, that not only am I going to name the pieces after her when I list some like them on etsy, but I had to take pictures! I haven't yet pulled them off my camera from last weekend - been a busy week of Wii-Fitting and whatnot after work, but having a long weekend to play with presents all sorts of possibilities...
Lori earrings

Lori bracelet

Elegant watch

I have some paper clay that I'm thinking I'll make earrings and possibly brooches out of. Maybe even some links I can use to make necklaces/bracelets with, if I do them small enough! I have a bunch of cool rubber stamps I've been itching to use and some water colour inks that need some glitter with them to funk up these earrings-to-be. I think I know what my next post will be...

April 22, 2009

a new post! whee!

I had no idea it'd been so long since I updated here; gotta get into the habit! (and post more pix!) I've been doing a lot of great big gumball-sized pearl necklaces, originally just for myself, but apparently, they're all the rage. Who knew? Maybe I'm more ahead of the curve than I thought!

I don't think I've got any pictures of the ones I've made myself recently, but I'm going to be doing three for a girl at work so I will have to shoot them for you. Another girl had asked for two and then came looking for earrings to match, which I made for her too, of course, and now she's looking for a bracelet; guess we'll have the whole pearl wardrobe going on! I'm pleased this is taking off for me a bit. I've also been wearing more of my pieces, so people are starting to take notice. It's partly because a lot of my work-wear is solid colours with few prints until the warmer weather, so all the funky pieces I'm wearing create some visual interest. Besides, isn't it one of the best ways you can promote your work, by wearing it yourself?

Also? Here's something new from the stuff I just uploaded to Flickr: P2163842

October 26, 2008

New JOOLZ! Made a simple Halloween set of earrings, bracelet and necklace for a friend. First time in two weeks I've been well enough to sit long enough at my desk to make some stuff! Long time coming... In any case, here are the goods! And, if my friend doesn't like them after all, they're for sale!

October 12, 2008

First post!

Hey all! I'm new to Blogger, but not to blogging itself; I wanted to have a blog specifically about my JOOLZ and associated etsy shop, so here I am! Are you excited yet? *wink*

I can't guarantee there will be a lot up here at first, though I'll put up new JOOLZ as I can; and my flickr page (or etsy shop, of course!) will always have lots of pretties to look at.
Hope you enjoy, and
check in often to see what's up...and to nudge me for more, if you're so inclined.