April 22, 2009

a new post! whee!

I had no idea it'd been so long since I updated here; gotta get into the habit! (and post more pix!) I've been doing a lot of great big gumball-sized pearl necklaces, originally just for myself, but apparently, they're all the rage. Who knew? Maybe I'm more ahead of the curve than I thought!

I don't think I've got any pictures of the ones I've made myself recently, but I'm going to be doing three for a girl at work so I will have to shoot them for you. Another girl had asked for two and then came looking for earrings to match, which I made for her too, of course, and now she's looking for a bracelet; guess we'll have the whole pearl wardrobe going on! I'm pleased this is taking off for me a bit. I've also been wearing more of my pieces, so people are starting to take notice. It's partly because a lot of my work-wear is solid colours with few prints until the warmer weather, so all the funky pieces I'm wearing create some visual interest. Besides, isn't it one of the best ways you can promote your work, by wearing it yourself?

Also? Here's something new from the stuff I just uploaded to Flickr: P2163842